Submerge yourself in this epic medieval fantasy world


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If you’ve ever enjoyed classic games such as Diablo, World of Warcraft or Lineage but can’t really afford to pay the access to the official servers, then you’re in luck. Drakensang is an incredible free alternative that’ll barely take up any space in your hard drive and will definitely give you hours and hours of fun. What could be better?

Create your own character from scratch by picking among the four available types: the classic warrior, the wizard, the hunger or the mechanic. Each character has its own style, strengths and specially weaknesses that’ll force you to work as a team with other players in order to compensate for those flaws. Drakensang is a massive multiplayer RPG that lets you play with your friends or venture to meet new people. The game has amazing visuals and really awesome settings and enemies. There are more than 50 main campaign missions and infinite secondary quests available to you.

Put on your armor, sharpen your sword and get ready to experience epic adventures in this fantasy world.
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